Tir Cymru

Tir Cymru is a six part series celebrating the beautiful landscapes of Wales and explores why and how they look the way they do. Geology, natural forces, farming and industry have all left their mark on the landscape in Wales and ultimately have helped shape the habitats available to wildlife living in Wales. In order to tell these stories Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams has to climb mountains, abseil coastal cliffs, crawl through natural caves and underground mines, and dive under the sea. This series includes special footage of a stoat with its winter coat, a grass snake hunting in a canal, the largest spider in Britain, the fen raft spider and stunning scenes of jackdaws coming into roost in an industrial sunset.


  • Presented By Iolo Williams
  • Produced & directed by John Gwyn
  • Wildlife Photography Steve Phillipps
  • Underground Photography Gavin Newman
  • Underwater Photography Paul Kay
  • Edited by Owain Llwyd
  • Format 6 x 60 HD
  • Language: Welsh
  • Produced by Aden for S4C