Are you ready to go Wild?! Join the Gwylltio team on a fun-filled wildlife hunt around cities, towns and villages in Wales as presenters Cath and Rhys lead teams of young, local wildlife detectives around their ‘patch’ to see what’s living on their doorstep. Sniffing poo, tracking footprints and setting out secret cameras, the team uncovers some of Wales’ best wildlife from slow worms, otters, urban foxes and even an octopus!

Find out what could be living in your back yard by downloading the ‘Gwylltio/Wildtrax’ wildlife App complete with interactive habitats, wildlife fact cards and wildlife videos filmed only in Wales!


  • Presented by Cath Ayers and Rhys Bidder
  • Produced & Directed by Mererid Wigley
  • Assistant Producers Emma Walker & Owain Elidir
  • Edited by Jane Murrell
  • Researchers Osian Griffiths & Sally Snow
  • Format: 15 x 30, HD
  • Language: Welsh
  • Produced by Aden for S4C